Sunday, January 16, 2011

synopsis of dr.jekyll and mr.hyde

assalamuailaikum anyone..

     the story revolues around a person with two different personalities.his scientist,named Dr.Hyde Jekyll is very interest in the idea that there is good and evil in everyman.he begins experimenting to find a drag that will seperate the good and evil sides within each man.his experiment are successful and so leads a double life as Dr.Hendy Jekyll,a respected and rich doctor and also the mysterious and cruel,Mr Edward Hyde.

    soon,when the drugs becomes less effective,Dr Jekyll test control of this character.he could change into Hyde without drinking the potion,he in his lab to create new drags but he failed.when he could not stand it anywhere,Edward Hyde comitted suicide Dr Jekyll of the same time.

p/s:this is literature story in form 3..

papay anyone..

terima kasih kerana membaca!!

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